Anti-Fan Violence “Improving Personal Safety at Stadiums Act” Passes CA Senate

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California is a signature away from passing legislation in an attempt to solve the growing problem of violence at sporting events- a small victory in the ongoing crusade to bring peace to fans statewide.

CA State SenateAB 2464, proposed by Assemblyman Mike Gatto, landed on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk on Tuesday, and is expected to be signed within the next two weeks. It will mandate owners of all sports facilities to post notices containing the telephone number and text message code to dial in the event an incident arises which calls for security to be summoned. Further, these notices must be strategically placed in locations visible to a majority of spectators in seating areas, parking lots located on the complex premises and at all points of entry.

Gatto introduced this bill back in February, in response to the outrageous number of violent acts reported at sporting events statewide. After being told by some of his constituents that they are concerned for their safety at stadiums and arenas, Gatto decided to take action. The passage of this bill, he hopes, will encourage people to alert authorities before situations escalate and assuage the fear that many have developed to attend games and matches.

We’re optimistic that this law will go into effect, and hopeful that California blazes a trail for other states to follow. As citizens and fans, we are entitled to protection and should not be shy about asking our politicians to ensure that we receive it at all times, including during sporting events. Thank you to the citizens of California, and to Assemblyman Gatto, for refusing to sit on the sideline while this vicious conduct continues. We admire their efforts and hope they inspire more people to join the cause.

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Fan Violence “Improving Personal Safety at Stadiums Act” Passes CA Senate

  1. This bill is good and I hope itbgets passed. However, it would be great to focus an effort on stopping the violence before it happens. The above addresses helping after the violence has occurred which is a great start. But I’d like to make it safer for families to feel comfortable about going to games. As an example, I would love to see specific ‘family/kid/fan safe areas that promote no drinking. There are a ton of kids that attend sporting events and unfortunately they constantly have to endure intoxicated adults drunk and often behaving badly.

    Are there any efforts that are in progress to support something like the above?

  2. Thank you for your interest in FAV. We are working tirelessly to team up with some (and, eventually, we hope all) NFL organizations to implement preventative steps in an attempt to minimize these awful incidents and mitigate the tragic aftermath. We believe that awareness together with improved security measures and the promotion of tolerance and respect are key to ending this disturbing problem. All support and suggestions are welcome. We recognize the trepidation parents must experience bringing their children into a potentially dangerous environment, and are committed to prioritizing that concern. If you’d like to contact me directly, my e-mail address is Again, thank you for your attention, and for your fan dedication.

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