Baseball Rivals Nationals and Phillies Encourage Friendly Rivalry Between Fan Bases

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One of the most heated rivalries in baseball will be battling it out this weekend in Washington, D.C. when the Philadelphia Phillies face the Washington Nationals. With emotions running high there have been a few articles written, like this one from, about the importance of bringing your passion along with respect for all baseball fans, regardless the team they are fans of.

phillies_nationalsBaseball is our nation’s favorite pastime, but it’s important to remember the phrase “for the love of the game.” One can not equate love with violence, and violence should have no part in any sporting event. Unfortunately it’s been happening all too often, hence the reason for the inception of Fans Against Violence. Refer to our site’s Game Day Safety Tips and Game Day Hotlines & Text Code pages before heading out to the game, taking responsibility for your own safety as well.

One of the most horrific incidents in the history of sporting events happened just last year in Los Angeles when San Francisco Giants’ fan, Bryan Stow, was brutally beaten and attacked by two Dodgers’ fans at the stadium after the game. No one wants to see something like that happen ever again.

While sports rivalries can be fun and exciting, tempers can flare, especially when alcohol is involved. Remember to use common sense and never forget that there is no game that is worth jeopardizing anyone’s health. On Sunday night ESPN will be televising the game, and any incidents would only feed fuel to the fire of alleged bad behavior by the fans.

Keep the game what it is, fun entertainment that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. Be loud, be supportive, but also be respectful of everyone in the stands. A few bad apples can ruin it all for everyone.

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