“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.” ~Knute Rockne


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Thank you for supporting Fans Against Violence and joining fans from around the world in “taking back the stands”.

We invite you to sign our guestbook and encourage you to share your thoughts and stories with fellow supporters.


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Nov 07, 2014 by Michael Reed Kean
Company: PhanCavePhilly 


I would like to nominate PhanCavePhilly for Fan Friendly Tailgates list...been spending some time this season with this great pair of ladies....they definitely need to be on the list...you may want to take The Shed off as it is not in operation this season*** FYI
If you have something that you would like us to share via Fans & Thrills today on Inside Tailgating please send it along-


Michael Kean
Inside Tailgating

Response: Hi Michael, Thank you for your comment. We would love to add PhanCavePhilly to our list. If someone can email us a Logo, Contact name, Email and website(if you have one) we will add them! They can email to info@fansagainstviolence.org. Thank you again!

Seattle fans were rough

Oct 14, 2014 by Amy

My husband and I are from Alaska - so we have no "home team" to cheer for. He is a lifelong Bears fan and myself - well - GO COLTS! My husband LOVES the game of football. He is a Pop Warner coach and can not get enough football.

A few years back, I had purchased a trip to Seattle to watch the Bears vs. Seahawks game. Purchased tickets on stubhub, found us a great hotel and the 3 of us (our daughter was 3 and I was pregnant) set off for our first experience in the stands of an NFL game.

Everything was fine until we got to our seats. I guess we had purchased some season ticket holders seats and were surrounded by Seahawks fans. Most of the fans around us were cordial, but once the man behind us got to his seat, things quickly took a turn for the worst.

He threw food at us, he called us names, when my daughter wanted her sippy cup (SHE WAS 3), he proceeded to talk trash about me as a mother and how I gave my toddler a bottle. It was horrible. I asked my husband at one point if he wanted me to go get him a beer and his response to me was "No, because if anything goes down, I am going to be the sober one and that is the only thing keeping me from hurting this guy." My husband also proceeded to hold my daughter in his arms when she fell asleep during the game because he wanted to shield her from the food being thrown at us, but also it kept him from hauling off and loosing his temper.

We have vowed NEVER to return to a Seahawks game in Seattle. And this was very sad for us, as it is the closest flight we can manage. We have been to plenty of baseball games at SafeCo - fully dressed in Red Sox gear - and had a great time.

We finally left that horrible game in the middle of the 3rd quarter and finished watching it from the safety of our hotel room.

Oct 13, 2014 by Dave

I have been to many NFL games, and the worst incident I ever saw was in the FEDEX parking lot at a Skins game. A nasty fist fight between two drunks, one of whom ended up being knocked out and bleeding profusely from the head. The TEAMS and OWNERS have to take responsiblity too, not just the fans. Alcohol is the major factor, and until and unless NFL owners sharply restrict the consumption of alcohol, these outrages will continue.

Oct 13, 2014 by Colin

I love this project. I'm a huge sports fan, especially of the Philadelphia teams, and really of all sports. I love my Phillies and Eagles, but am more-so a fan of baseball and football. Being a fan in this city brings a lot of awful stereotypes, that we are all drunken idiots boo-ing our players, and fighting/disrespecting other fans (especially when the throwing up on a fan accident occurred). Believe me when I tell you, most fans are not like that. However, every city and fan base will have those select disrespectful morons who live and die by, and would kill for, their teams.
I believe in sports in their purest forms. While it is entertainment, sports bring people together. Sports are a common ground in the world among all people and is often a break from the harsh reality we all live in. Fans should always root for their teams, but one thing rings true in every fan, a love for the game. I hope this project brings all fans together against unjust violence.

Oct 12, 2014 by Fred Kerstetter III

Keep up with the good work. We need to make our stadiums a safe experience for the generations to come.

Go Pack Go!

Oct 11, 2014 by Chester

Took my kids & their friends to Cardinals games in 2006 & 2009; fights ensued within 5 seats of us in each game.
2006: Lotsa alcohol consumption by these fans, opposing fans insulted each other's team, then QBs, then each other. I moved kids into aisle at that point as fight started.
2009: Cards fan just walked up to Texans fan in the aisle next to our seats and clocked him. Then the chicken-sh-- sprinted away. Security nabbed him.
Part of the problem is length of games. Games in 70's/80's used to start at 10:00 and 1:00. The 10:00 game would wrap up about 12:30-12:45 and announcers would review until next game started. Now games take nearly 4 hours. 4 HOURS!! For referees, replays, commercials. Yawn. That is hour and a half of boredom and more beer being consumed. And grown men are wearing jerseys like they are 12 years old want to re-live some aspect of their past, fueled by alcohol. At least MLB games have consistently been approx 3 hours for decades. The NFL is passe and boring and distracting with off-the-field news reports. Just grow up and be gentlemen. Watch the game, talk to your neighbors.

Oct 11, 2014 by Racine

Support 100%!! If I wouldn't want my daughter to be exposed to that type absurd behavior by ignorant fans or even worse...to be caught in the middle of it and getting hurt.
#PittsburghSteelers #BlackAndGold

Spread The Word

Oct 09, 2014 by Charles
Company: 4z Promotions 

You are doing a great job. Keep spreading word, that violence will not and should not be tolerated at any sports event or anywhere else. Sporting events are family events and we do not need to have our children exposed to more violence.
Good job!!! You need more exposure!!!

Sep 23, 2014 by Johnny BoltPride

Johnny Bolt Pride Repping from Coast To Coast. I support FAV see you in Oakland October 12th. Win, lose, or tie we should all enjoy the game. "It's all good from Diego to the Bay" #CaliforniaLove.

Havok to F.A.V

Aug 27, 2014 by John (Havok) Adkins

Myself and Ravens Nest # 1 out of Harford county supports this 110% #GoRavens #Caw

Fans Against Violence , USA 4.8 5.0 67 67 Hello,I would like to nominate PhanCavePhilly for Fan Friendly Tailgates list...been spending some time this season with this great pair of ladies....they definitely need to be o

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