Camaraderie Between Fan Bases: An Oakland Raiders Fan Shares His Experience

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Fan Camaraderie - Fans Against Violence

We are always on the look out for great stories which demonstrate positive interaction between fan bases…this week an Oakland Raider Fan, Adrian Yayo Canal, shared one of his personal experiences with a group of Indianapolis Colt fans.

A couple years ago I went to the game when we played the colts at home and behind us was a whole family of colts fans..from elder fans to kids..yea we were booing each other but that’s all it was…towards the end of the game they asked to take pictures with me and my cousin and we didn’t mind at all..and I must add right before we started leavin the seats that WHOLE family was thanking us and this and and my cousin looked at each other and asked them why are u guys thankin us and their response was ”for having respect for us and not giving us a hard time and lettin us enjoy the game with you guys..that was a good feeling..I believe that was one of the first times I didn’t get judged cuz I was a raiders fan…people need to learn how to control themselves and there alcohol and let EVERYONE enjoy the game we love…sorry just wanted to share that…RRRRRAAAAIIIIIDDDDEEEERRRRSSSSS!!!…JUUST WIN!!

FAV would like to thank Adrian for sharing his story and allowing us to post it on our site!!

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