San Jose Restaurant Perpetuates Stereotypes by Refusing to Air Oakland Raiders or Dallas Cowboys Games

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High Five Pizza -Refusing to play Raider Cowboy Games

A Bay Area restaurant known as High Five Pizza, promotes itself as the friendliest restaurant in the San Jose area. It was even voted one of the top five places in the Bay Area to watch football, yet they have decided to refuse to air games involving either the Oakland Raiders or the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s hard to believe that any restaurant that bills itself as a place to watch sports would virtually ban the fans of any particular team. As we all know, there are good and bad people in all fan bases.

The only thing the restaurant’s policy does, is to continue to perpetuate stereotypes and encourage animosity between fans. Yet a phone call to the restaurant manager confirmed that indeed, this is the policy.

As an Oakland Raiders’ fan who is about as far from violent as it gets, I’m highly offended. But it isn’t just that. I’m not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, but I am a fan of people, and to make a group of people feel unwelcome based on a very unjust prejudiced goes far over the line being reasonable.

There are several groups, including Fans Against Violence, who are working to end violence at sporting events of all types. They aim to encourage good-will and sportsmanship. The actions of High Five Pizza are disheartening, and serves the opposite purpose of what Fans Against Violence is all about.

If you agree, let your voice be heard. Call the manager of High Five Pizza in San Jose, California at (408) 629-6800.