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Thank you for your interest in Fans Against Violence (FAV). We are a fan based organization that aims to improve and enhance game day experiences at professional sports venues across the United States and around the world.Through a variety of programs and awareness campaigns, FAV is committed to keeping the stands safe while encouraging good-will and sportsmanship, and improving the overall game day experiences for fans of all ages. These values seem to have slipped away over the years as heated rivalries and Seattle and Raider Fansbragging rights have pushed their way to the forefront of sports.

While often rivalries tend to be a strong driver in sports today, the hostility that now breeds from these rivalries is reducing  fan attendance and negatively impacting the family tradition of sports that so many of us grew up with. When a parent does not feel it is safe to take his children to a game, there is a problem. And regrettably,  this is  occurring at stadiums and arenas across the country.

FAV believes it is only by encouraging fans to take an active role and responsibility in their safety and conduct and by implementing creative and effective programs through partnership with sports organizations,that we will be able to effect the greatest change . Fans have a great deal of power controlling home game climates. It is imperative we stay diligent and work together – fans, teams and leagues -to return the stands to a safe, family friendly environment.

Please take a moment to read the About FAV and Get Involved pages. We welcome your contributions and suggestions. This site is for you, let us know how we can help.


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