49er “Waldo” Brings Seahawk and 49er Fans Together

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49er Waldo

Normally a fan attending a championship parade wearing the gear of a rival team would be less than welcome.  Initially this was the case of 49er fan “Waldo” (as he has come to be called), but this is far from the case with this brave young man now.  “Waldo” has quite the story to tell that shows how large fan bases can come together in times of need.

Turns out “Waldo” is 15 years old and is a ward of the state.  So that essentially means that this young man is homeless.  “Waldo” lives in shelters and has endured a very difficult life so far.  King 5 news in Seattle reports that “Waldo” does go to school everyday and that his teachers speak very highly of this brave young man. Ladies of the Empire In an interview with the Ladies of the Empire, an all female club for the San Francisco 49ers, and we’re proud to say one of Fans Against Violence’s partner clubs, “Waldo” explained his reasoning for going to the Seahawks Championship Parade in his 49ers gear “Just being a Niner fan and getting all the crap at school for being one.  I wanted everyone in Seattle and all around the world to know that I was a niner fan and I was no bandwagon!”

Word has spread really quickly about this young man’s unfortunate situation.  Longtime 49er fan and president of the Ladies of the Empire,  Catherine Tate was so impressed with what the bravery “Waldo” showed that she initially wanted to give him front row tickets to a 49ers game next season.  That is when this brave 15 year olds story came to the forefront.  Catherine worked very hard to get in contact with the right people and is raising money for “Waldo”.

Catherine and the Ladies of the Empire initially started a fundraiser on GoFundMe.com for “Waldo” to help get him to San Francisco for a game.  However, after learning of “Waldo’s” situation this go fund me is raising funds to help with all of “Waldo’s” everyday basic needs.  As of this writing $11,365!

Here is what is even more amazing when you see that number its not just 49ers fans contributing, Seahawks fans are also helping this young man.  Along with donations on go fund me you can leave a comment.  Some of the cool comments from the Seahawks fans are: “12th Man wants to help too”, 12th man Wilson style”, “Several 12 fans offering him shelter in their homes if he needs.

This story just goes to show how no matter what team you are a fan of, we are all humans in the end.  For all of the bad things you hear these days when it comes to rivalries in sports, there is more good than bad.  Here you have two fan bases that make one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL today bonding together to help a young man in need.  For as brave as “Waldo” was to go to the Seahawks championship parade in his 49ers gear, it is nothing compared to the courage he shows every day living his difficult life.

To contribute to Waldo’s go fund me please go here: www.gofundme.com/Get-Niner-Waldo-to-SF

For more information on the Ladies of the Empire: ladiesoftheempire.com

For more information on Fans Against Violence: www.fansagainstviolence.org

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