MLB Game Day Hotlines

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Game Day security text codes and hotlines are an invaluable tool when going to any professional sporting event. In an effort to help you stay safe at “Americas Favorite Pass Time” we have assembled the Game Day Text Codes for the MLB. Although most stadiums have their text codes and hotlines posted, it is great idea to program your cell phone prior to going to a game. When sending a text, include your location and a description of the concern. For example, if you are at Oriole in Baltimore, send a text message to 69050 with the keyword ORIOLES, “ORIOLES sec 129, fan near row 11 who is drunk and causing problems.”

We found this great video featuring Tommy Lasorda giving his version of the fan code of conduct and thought what better place to have this video than the MLB Game Day Hotline page.

Tommy says it beautifully!

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