ESPN Outside the Lines Fan Violence Episode – Fans Against Violence

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Sundays during football season tend to place media focus on the match-ups, the players, the injury reports, the spreads and the action on the field. So little is said about what takes place off of the field- particularly in the stands, in the parking lots and on stadium premises. Outside the Lines gives us a look at the dangers of fan violence, the impact it has on its victims and the need to create safer environments in which fans can enjoy the experience of a football game. The necessity of advocacy groups such as Fans Against Violence is also stressed, and Outside the Lines features Kathy Samoun at the opening Raiders game against the San Diego Chargers, promoting FAV’s cause on foot and encouraging fans of both teams to be welcoming and respectful towards one another. Also interviewed is Aaron Curry of the Oakland Raiders, who is a supporter of FAV and the fight against violence. Raising awareness and exposing people to the seriousness of this issue is a great step towards lessening the number of incidents and attacks reported each week, and we are glad ESPN is shining some light on it.

In case you missed yesterday’s airing of “Outside the Lines, ” here are some highlights from this week’s episode.

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3 thoughts on “ESPN Outside the Lines Fan Violence Episode – Fans Against Violence

  1. I am sorry I missed the entire story but got a glimps of the jest of the message.
    I joined FAV from the beginning and it certainly proves that anyone who is passionate about something, can spread awareness. I am sooooo happy it was a RAIDER fan, who saw the need and started this “wave”. Thank you for your continued efforts to spread the word….

  2. Kathy, I’m sure it was a fantastic piece by the network I USUALLY Call “BSPN”… however, since they’ve figured out there are those of us in the Raider Nation deserving of the respect DUE…I’m glad they found some time for (hopefully) a “POSITIVE PIECE” on the FAV and our Fans. Unfortunately my ‘net speeds here are soooooooooooooooooo slow I wasn’t able to upload/view any of the segment.

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