Aaron Curry, Oakland Raider’s Linebacker, Teams Up with Fans Against Violence

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Fans Against Violence is so happy to announce that Aaron Curry of the Oakland Raiders is joining us! On June 27th, Curry posted, via Twitter, the subsequent message to his followers: “This year I’m teaming up with @FansAV Gotta bring violence in the stands to a halt! Leave the violence to me”

Aaron CurryAaron Curry played football for Wake Forest University and was considered by many to be the best linebacker available in the 2009 NFL draft. He was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth round, the highest recruited linebacker in almost a decade. Since October 2011 Curry has been a member of the Oakland Raiders and has proven to be a valuable asset to the team. Currently he has a career record of 46 games played, 202 tackles, 160 of them being solo, and 5.5 sacks.

Off the field, Aaron Curry is a husband, father and spearheads the Family 59 Foundation, an organization geared towards supporting families facing various social and economic issues.
His generosity, commitment to serving the community and dedication to the many who have benefited from his work combined with his tremendous athletic ability make him a true role model.

Regarding his stance on violence in the stands, he issued the following statement:

“As a husband, father, and player on game day nothing bothers me more than the thought of violence in the stands. Fans, you have every right to be passionate about your team, but the moment your passion becomes the fuel for violence in the stands is when things go wrong. Fans should respect one another whether cheering for the same team or not. Leave the violence to me, on the field.”

We are so grateful for his support and welcome him to FAV!

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3 thoughts on “Aaron Curry, Oakland Raider’s Linebacker, Teams Up with Fans Against Violence

  1. I attended the Raiders vs Steelers game this past Sunday 9/23/12 and I was helping out with the MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers) booth b/c I lost my brother a year ago to a drunk driver. My brother was a huge Raider fan and had season tickets and so do my other brothers. After helping out at the booth I left the game only to be called later when the game just about came to an end. My little brother and his friend had been beaten extremely bad by a couple Steelers fans who kept harassing them as him and his friend were packing up their truck to leave the game. My brother is the type of person to avoid violence and I’m truly disgusted that this has happened and I spent the rest of the day/night at the hospital with my brother. He was beaten so bad he will need surgery this week on his face. I don’t understand why immature fans resort to this disgusting behavior when an event is all about good times and fun and not destroying someone’s life. Here I am at the game trying to do a good deed in Memory of our brother and this happens. It’s like going to a football game isn’t safe anymore. Not to mention the other people I was working with for MADD were telling me all about the F.A.V. and then for me to get this emergency call later that day, I’m just shocked. 🙁

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