New Security Measures are Necessary Considering the Increase in Violent Acts at Sporting Events

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There are some fans who are upset about the inconvenience of the new security screening measures put into place for all NFL games this year. Every stadium in the nation is affected, including Coliseum. According to, everyone who walks into the stadium will be subject to “security screening of property and person, including metal detection.”

Are the new rules inconvenient? Yes. But are they worth eliminating even just one violent incident, and possibly the life of an NFL fan? Of course.

NFL SecurityIt’s unfortunate that we live in a world where security screening measures like these are necessary, but with the high number of violent acts committed at sporting venues across the country in recent years, the NFL is taking steps they feel will help reduce and eliminate potential injury or death to those who just want to watch their favorite team battle it out on the field.

Of course some incidents have happened in parking lots outside the stadium, as in the shooting after the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders preseason game last summer, and the new rules may not have prevented this horrendous situation, but there are others that would have been prevented through metal detection and advanced security screening.

At MetLife Stadium last September, a fan used an illegal taser at the game between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys. In a cellphone video of the fight that occurred, one fan can be heard saying,  “How did he get in here with that thing?”

Had metal detectors been in place, it’s unlikely he would have made it through with it.

With alcohol being consumed during the game, mixed with high tempers, adding a weapon of any kind is a recipe for disaster.

Yes, it’s inconvenient, and you’ll have to allow more time to get into the game, but considering the number of deaths involving random shootings at places we should be able to go into and feel safe, it only makes sense to take any action possible to prevent such horrific violence from happening again.

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